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Super Robot Monkey Wars [userpic]
Into The Hours! 5 Remaining!
by Super Robot Monkey Wars (frollyfruitcake)
at November 17th, 2005 (05:18 pm)

I know you are feeling: extremely giddy
Wierd Sisters Song: Do The Hippogriff --The GOF Soundtrack

Music = Life

As you all know, the GOF Soundtrack came out a couple of days ago. I was fortunate enough to get a copy today and let me tell you: BLOODY FANTASTIC!

AllMusic.com  posted this review of it where they say, "Darker, bolder, and a little less magical, Doyle doesn't reach the dizzying heights achieved by Williams on 2004's Prisoner of Azkaban, but he has managed to create some new and exciting themes that integrate themselves seamlessly into the Potter universe."
I most certainly have to disagree with this assessment. True, it is darker and bolder, but that is what makes it more magical! It's more mature magic. Ok, John Williams is my musical hero, composing for Star Wars AND Harry Potter; nothing will compare to his genius. This soundtrack still sounds BLOODY FANTASTIC!

J.K.Rowling Nominated for Person Of The Year!

Now is the time to vote for J.K.Rowling in Time Magazine's Person of the Year Contest! Come on you lot, she deserves it!

Interviews Galore

I hope I'm not the only one, but I'm really sick of all the interviews. Yes, interviews happen when promoting a movie but, to be honest, this movie really doesn't need to be promoted. People were posting behind-the-scenes pictures from GOF a year ago. However, I did happen to notice a comment Michael Gambon said in an interview with Empire Magazine. When he was asked what makes Dumbledore such an awesome character, his reply was,  "I have no idea. I learn the lines that JK Rowling or whoever writes them, and say them. There’s no subtext in Harry Potter really; it’s all magic, anything can happen."

*drums fingers* I MISS RICHARD HARRIS! *tear* Is it not plainly obvious why Dumbledore is amazingly cool? I mean, come on!


You can download their joint podcast here and see pictures from the New York premier here and the Podcast here. Unfortunately, there are no transcripts as of yet but it should be up soon.

Newsweek Review

This is what Newsweek has to say about GOF, but mainly Mad-Eye Moody:

The uncontestable triumph of "Goblet of Fire," however, is Brendan Gleeson's Alastor (Mad-Eye) Moody, the grizzled new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. With a face like cracked pottery and a manner both menacing and mentoring, he becomes Harry's protector as he faces life-threatening tests. Gleeson, one of the screen's greatest character actors, steals every scene he's in-no small feat when you're up against Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman.

....Wow. Just, wow! *is extremely giddy*

A Post From Leaky

I don't think I'm able to put this any better so let's just quote it, then comment:

Harry Potter: Good vs. Evil, or Intro to the Occult?

News agency AFP is running a story outlining the positions of the proponents and the critics of the use of magic in the Harry Potter books and films. One camp, represented by Christian preacher Steve Wohlberg asserts that the stories "[present] really evil, versus greater evil, it is not really good versus evil. The Harry Potter story is communicating a story to young people, the idea that you can be a good witch or wizard, you can still cast spells."

The opposing view, as articulated by University of Maryland Professor of English Verlyn Flieger, is that " . . . people who really worry about something satanic or occult in the story don't understand the use of metaphor. It is really a pretty straightforward story about coming of age, growing up and going to school -- the magic part of it is really a gimmick."
You can read the entire article here.

Note: Our own Melissa Anelli is quoted in the article (with her name misspelled)!

Posted by Julie

Ok people, remember that thing called FAIRY-TALE MAGIC? If it really was an introduction to the Occult, there would be major rituals with pentagrams and such. I like Verlyn Flieger. THANK YOU! Ok, I'm not going to religion bash, but these Christian people damning Harry Potter have no imagination or a sense of humor. Just chill out people!

...All in all, pretty damn amazing!