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Super Robot Monkey Wars [userpic]
The Countdown!
by Super Robot Monkey Wars (frollyfruitcake)
at November 8th, 2005 (02:05 pm)

10 DAYS LEFT! YAY! *does a jig similar to monkey steps ;)* Ok, there have been way too many clips coming up and commercials and interviews, so I have decided not to put them up. Some of the best scenes have already been ruined for me. Ok, that didn't stop me downloading all of them, putting them in cronological order and watching them over and over but the movie opens next week; you can wait that long. ;) That doesn't mean that I'm not putting anything up though:

World Premier Pictures:

There is a link below, but I just wanted to share this picture with you...

Arrivals At "Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire" World Premiere

I actually really like this, uh...bold outfit he has on there. Very flattering there Dan! >D

Anyway, go here to see the rest of Getty's pictures and here to see Mugglenet's pictures. Read reports of the event here, here and here. Now, Mugglenet will be having a live broadcast show in New York when the US premier begins. I will give you a link to download it when available.