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Super Robot Monkey Wars [userpic]
by Super Robot Monkey Wars (frollyfruitcake)
at January 1st, 2006 (09:36 pm)

I know you are feeling: chipper

Sorry I haven't been posting the HP news lately; College finals and all that fun stuff. I would be very happy to appoint a deputy reporter if any one would be brave enough to come forward and claim this noble responsibility. Full moderator benifits and such. It really is disheartening to do this but college life and a job take all my spare time. :-( Anyone up to it? E-mail me at witchcrest@mugglepost.com to apply and recieve full details of job. I know it sounds like a real job application, but we need to keep with reporter standards, giving full credit to the deserved and the structure of the reports. Anyway, full details with application.


1) Why do you want this position?
2) How long have you loved Harry Potter?
3) What makes you an ideal person for this position?
4) Have you any experience with reporting news? (school paper?)